Invite your MP to a meeting to discuss changes to statutory sick pay


- Add your own story to our drafted letter to tell your MP why this matters to you

- Once 100 local people sign up we will send the letter on your behalf and be in touch about attending a meeting with your MP


- Help get 100 people signed up by sharing with friends 

Sign a letter to your MP

Let us know your name and postcode and we will send the letter on your behalf once 100 other people from your area have signed up

MP meeting training

Join us at our training to discuss how you can have 121 and online conversations to get more people to sign the letter and be skilled in negotiating with people in power.










Safe Sick Pay

Our Safe Sick Pay Campaign is bringing together charities, civil society organisations and trade unions that want to see a change to Statutory Sick Pay legislation. We are calling on the government to extend sick pay to all workers, to make sick pay available from the first day that someone is off sick, and to bring sick pay in line with the living wage.

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