We are a new alliance of trade unions and community organisations building a national campaign to improve the working conditions of cleaners in the UK.

Why Cleaners?

Through this pandemic we have seen how cleaners are doing the key work of keeping us safe from infectious diseases. It's time that these key workers are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.  

Furthermore, the way we treat cleaners reflects the way we treat women, ethnic minorities and migrant workers in the UK as:

  • 81% of cleaners are women
  • Ethnic minorities make up 15% of the total cleaning workforce and 42% of the workforce in London
  • Migrant workers account for a third of the cleaning workforce and 53% of the workforce in London


To begin to tackle the issues that cleaners face, we first need to create space for cleaners to imagine the future. We want to hold the largest mass imagination and listening process with cleaners in the UK for them to imagine a positive future for cleaning work. With that shared vision we then aim to form a joint plan for what will be needed to secure an improved and viable future for cleaners. This plan will form the basis of our project going forward.

Get Involved

To improve the working conditions of cleaners we are going to need thousands of people active in the campaign. To get involved email us at [email protected] or join the mailing list below


Safe Sick Pay

Cleaners in our alliance decided to focus our first national campaign on improving the sick pay they receive. Check out our campaign below.

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