Course Structure

Week 1: Power

  1. Video on Power - released a week ahead of the Zoom Call for you to watch at your own pace (all videos 20-25 minutes)
  2. Assignment: Read 'Two Conceptions of Power' by Bernard Loomer (all assignments 30-40 minutes)
  3. Zoom call on Power to delve deeper on the subject of Power with up to 30 other people (90 minutes)

Week 2: Sources of Power

  1. Video on Sources of Power 
  2. Assignment: Read Chapter from Roots for Radicals by Ed Chambers 
  3. Zoom call on Sources of Power

Week 3: Power Structure Analysis

  1. Video on Power Structure Analysis
  2. Assignment: Participate in our current Power Structure Analysis 
  3. Zoom call on Sources of Power

Week 4: Identifying Leaders

  1. Video on Identifying Leaders 
  2. Assignment: Create a chart of a group familiar with + optional reading from No Shortcuts by Jane McAlevey
  3. Zoom call on Identifying Leaders
  4. Campaign Cafe Drop-In - 10 minutes to troubleshoot with an Organiser

Week 5: Self-Interest 

  1. Video on Self-Interest
  2. Assignment: Create your own Stick Person + optional reading from Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky
  3. Zoom call on Self-Interest 

Week 6: Relational Meetings

  1. Video on Relational Meetings 
  2. Assignment: Hold 3 Relational Meetings by the end of the course 
  3. Zoom call on Relational Meetings

Week 7: Apathy Staircase

  1. Video on Apathy Staircase 
  2. Assignment: Create your own Apathy Staircase
  3. Zoom call on Apathy Staircase

Week 8: Storytelling 

  1. Video on Storytelling 
  2. Assignment: Prepare a 5-minute story
  3. Zoom call on Storytelling