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Map the Power

 Power structure analysis is an essential tool for anyone trying to ensure their campaign is effective in making systemic changes to existing power structures. PSA allows you to identify the sources of power of your opposition, understand the relationships which ensure that power is concentrated and institutionalised and provides the means of understanding how you can bring together those who agree with you in order to build power against your opposition. 

Sign up to watch this free video to learn how to deepen your power research skills in order to take on some of the corporations, bosses, politicians, developers and more. This session will introduce some of the basic ideas and methodologies behind power research, including how to use various databases and resources. We will also explore how to begin using your findings to develop a strategy and tactics for your campaign. 

Our movement would greatly benefit from a nationwide power map that allows us to work together to better understand and fight our targets, including detailing the connections and relationships between powerful people and organisations. The journey to doing this starts here!