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Time for Safe Sick Pay

We all deserve to know our workplaces are safe, and we won’t catch illnesses from colleagues, and take them home to our loved ones. 

No-one wants to get sick, but when we do, we all want to know that illness doesn’t also mean financial hardship.

The Diagnosis

Millions of people don’t have that safety net, and face sick pay that’s either inadequate or nonexistent.

Sick pay in the UK is among the lowest of any wealthy country. For a third of people working to support their families, it is nowhere near covering the cost of living, and it is only available from the fourth day of illness.

Two million more people get no sick pay at all. Because they don’t earn enough with each of their employers to qualify for sick pay, they slip through the cracks.


The Implications

For millions of people, getting sick creates enormous extra stress and risks. For many of us, it is not an option to take time off.

Those in the lowest-paid, and most precarious work, are the most likely to be left facing financial hardship if they get sick.

This creates uncertainty and disruption for employers, and puts at risk our colleagues.

Mending Sick Pay

Our sick pay should cover living costs and be available to everyone, to protect our wellbeing, to help us to get better, and ensure our workplaces are safe.

Decent sick pay means that if you get a serious illness, you don’t have to worry about being able to get by and pay the bills as well.

A fairer sick pay system protects the key workers who are relied on by essential services.

By fixing sick pay, we can minimise disruption for employers, and create safer workplaces.

Safe sick pay is good for workers, good for employers and good for public health.

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