Training with legendary campaign researcher Kevin Connor - formerly from LilSis. 

Power Structure Analysis (PSA) is an essential tool for anyone trying to ensure their campaign is effective in making systemic changes to existing power structures. PSA allows you to identify the sources of power of your opposition, understand the relationships which ensure that power is concentrated and institutionalised and provides the means of understanding how you can bring together those who agree with you in order to build power against your opposition.

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Our Organising Foundation Course is designed to give you the basic theory and tools you need to win progressive campaigns. Whether you are organising in a community, a workplace or in an election, this course will help you build the foundations you need to run a successful campaign. The course materials come from a variety of practical, and theoretical sources as well as our experience Organising.

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In this online course you will learn 

  • How to create an effective strategy
  • How to plan a campaign
  • How to execute the initial stages of a campaign
  • The key theoretical concepts used in creating change through Community Organising 
  • How to use the key tools used in Community Organising and High Participation Organisation

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Sample clip from Identifying Leaders Video...


8 Video Lectures

Eight 20-25 minute videos with the key content for you to watch at your own pace

8 Assignments

Eight 30-minute assignments to delve deeper into the subject and put the learning into practice

8 Zoom Seminars

Eight Zoom calls to discuss the content, do exercises and put the tools into practice. Zoom calls are every Tuesday 6-7.30pm.

Key benefits from this course

  • Skills and confidence to lead and initiate campaigns or support existing campaigns
  • Learn a tried and tested method of winning progressive campaigns
  • Able to execute initial stages of a social justice fight
  • Opportunities for putting what learn into practice through our current campaigns


Do the Organising Foundation Course when it is convenient for you. Watch the video lectures and do the optional assignments at your own pace.

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Join the next group training to do the course with a cohort. Join the weekly Zoom seminars to discuss the content and be part of cohort that puts the learning into practice together.

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Andrew Speke

Head of Communications, High Pay Centre

"I was really pleased to attend this course and feel like I both got a better understanding of how effective organising works, but also about myself. I gained an understanding of how my own personal political journey and what motivates me to take action is vital to bringing others along with me, but also sustaining my involvement, so that my contribution can have a bigger impact. I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to challenge the status quo or learn what practical steps to take to make change happen."

Felicity Roberts

Administrator, UoL 

"As someone interested in Community Organising but with little experience of it, I found the Foundation course's comprehensive structure really valuable. I learned about core concepts such as theories of power, and core tools and techniques like how to identify common goals, and have one-to-one conversations. I enjoyed the online format a lot. The set texts and exercises were always short but thought-provoking, and the online zoom classes gave me the chance to discuss the reading with a friendly group. Our trainer was knowledgeable, encouraging and always pushed us to be practical. After doing the course, I understand better how I could use Community Organising at work and on issues in my local community."

Jenny Gellatly

Coordinator, Transition Town Totnes

"Such a great course! I'd recommend it to anyone looking to bring about a more socially and ecologically just world.  It's given me invaluable new tools and understanding that I can put into practice straight away."

About the Trainer

The Lead Trainer is veteran Organiser Amanda Walters. Amanda is a Latina migrant and has been a Community Organiser and Campaigner for over 13 years.

Amanda previously worked for Citizens UK and the Living Wage Foundation where she organised low-paid workers and community organisations to campaign for the London Living Wage. She led the successful Living Wage campaign at Heathrow airport, which saw a pay rise for over 3,000 workers, as well as the successful Living Wage campaigns at a number of Government Departments.

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For A Good Cause 

We are a not-for profit organisation so all the profits from our training course go towards building strategic Organising campaigns and subsidising places for low-paid migrant workers.



Top features

  • 8 Video Lectures
  • 8 Optional Assignments
  • Do at Your Own Pace



Most Popular

  • Sliding Scale Pricing
  • 8 Video Lectures
  • 8 Zoom Seminars
  • 8 Assignments
  • Access to a veteran Professional Organiser and Trainer
  • Meet Like-Minded People as Part of a Cohort
  • Can pay in installments 



Top features

  • 4 One-to-One Mentoring Sessions (usually £60 each) to support you in your Organising campaigns and in utilising the key Organising tools.
  • Only £20 per group class
  • 8 Video Lectures
  • 8 Zoom Seminars
  • 8 Assignments
  • Access to a veteran Professional Organiser and Trainer
  • Meet Like-Minded People as Part of a Cohort