Worker Organiser


The Centre for Progressive Change is looking for a Worker Organiser to drive the worker organising for our national sick pay campaign and lead our Cleaners United work. This role will primarily build high-profile worker fights with trade unions to pressure employers to pay occupational sick pay and make the case for a change in Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) legislation. They will also be responsible for our Cleaners United alliance - a Labour Community alliance made up of trade unions and community organisations that is working together to improve the working conditions of cleaners in the UK. 

As a result, the ideal candidate will excel at worker organising and will be able to create effective broad alliances to support worker fights. They will also be able to build high-profile campaigns that generate national press attention and increase public support for our national policy demands. Furthermore, they will have the capacity to organise in multiple work sites simultaneously with a range of trade unions.


Responsible to       



This role will be primarily London based with some organising outside of London when necessary

Contract type     

The role is for a fixed term contract for 12 months, with extension subject to further funding. 


£32,500 - £45,000 pro rata, dependent on experience


Full-time (negotiable)


How to apply

This position is an excellent opportunity to support low-income workers to gain better sick pay and help bring about legislative change. It is also a great opportunity to engage a broad alliance to improve the lives of cleaners in the UK.

To apply please see the job description and the process below.

Job Description

Recruitment Process 


To apply please download and fill in the application form below and send it to [email protected]. The  deadline to submit your application form is Tuesday 3rd May at 9am

Successful applicants will be invited to a first face-to-face interview on Thursday 12th May (let us know if you cannot make this date).  

A second round of interviews with stakeholders will be held between Wednesday 18th May to Friday 20th May. 

Both interviews will be held at Pelican House in Bethnal Green.

If you have any questions please email [email protected].

Application Form

The Centre for Progressive Change values equality and diversity and welcomes applications from candidates regardless of sex, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, gender identity, religion or belief.

If you are applying it would be great if you could also fill in this equal opportunities form and send it to [email protected]

Equal Opportunities Form