CPC launches imagination workshops with 500 cleaners

  • Gatherings in four languages build on #CleanersUnited listening campaign
  • 500 cleaners asked to envisage a better industry
  • Workshops will feed into shared strategy with unions and policy experts

The Centre for Progressive Change (CPC) is launching a new project aimed at bringing 500 cleaners together to build a shared vision and strategy for a better industry.

A series of workshops, beginning in August, will be hosted in at least four languages, in which cleaners will be asked how they would improve the cleaning industry to build better conditions and more secure livelihoods for cleaners.

The project, supported by £50,000 from The National Lottery Community Fund, the largest funder of community activity in the UK, builds on the large-scale listening campaign already carried out as part of #CleanersUnited. These workshops aim to generate deeper understanding of all of the key issues affecting cleaners in the UK, and how they can be improved.

Following the imagination workshops, the project aims to coordinate stakeholder discussions between cleaners, organisations representing cleaners, campaigners and policy experts from think tanks and unions.

The project aims to create a shared vision and a plan to effect the change required to make this a reality.

Amanda Walters, Director of the Centre for Progressive Change, said: “Whatever work we do, we want to be treated fairly and with respect, but cleaners face some of the worst working conditions of any worker in the UK - from low pay, to no sick pay, to bullying and harassment.

“There is already a broad coalition of organisations representing and advocating for cleaners from many backgrounds. We want to bring the diverse perspectives in this sector together around a shared vision - and a plan to make that a reality.

“Together, we can create real and systemic change towards better and fairer conditions for all cleaners in the UK.”

Cleaners United is an alliance of trade unions and community organisations building a national campaign to improve the working conditions of cleaners in the UK.

During the first stage of the campaign, the Centre for Progressive Change brought together over 350 cleaners to discuss the industry and their experience of it. The imagination workshops build on that work, with a view to creating a plan for systemic change for a better industry.

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