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Sick Pay

Write to your MP about the need to change Statutory Sick Pay

Write to your MP

No-one should be punished for getting ill. A third of us only get Statutory Sick Pay, which is so low it is nowhere near enough to pay the bills. Nearly two million workers slip through the cracks and get no sick pay at all. By making sick pay safe, we can create better workplaces that ensure that hardworking people can look after themselves and their families, and take the time to get better.


Writing to your MP can win their support for sick pay reform, as it means they can learn more about the shortcomings of Statutory Sick Pay, and feel pressure from their constituents for change.


You can use the form below to voice your support for sick pay reform. There is a section for you to share your experiences directly with your MP, on issues such as:


  • Working whilst sick.
  • Financial difficulties due to insufficient or no sick pay.
  • Your wellbeing.


At the bottom of the page you will find a preview of the letter.

Write to your MP to change sick pay